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BadgerNet Video Bridging
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Please continue to call or fax the following numbers with your questions/problems/requests:

 BCN/MCU Office

Phone: (800) 243-9482
  Ext. 5181 or 5182
 (715) 475-1111 or
(715) 475-1112

Fax:   (715) 234-1307

After Hours Cell Phones:
(715) 651-9680

Wayne Erdman Ext.5252
Sue Clark Ext.5414
Courtney Dahle Ext.5486
Brett Peterson Ext.5427
Liz Elza Ext.5373

BCN/MCU Ext.5181

The BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN) MCU/Gateway Scheduling Service allows BCN video sites the ability to connect to the world on a unified video platform.

The BadgerNet Converged Network uses four Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCU) located in Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Milwaukee to support scalable video multipoint and gateway solutions for BCN network users. The MCUs bridge together multiple inputs so that three or more parties can participate in a videoconference. The MCUs are also equipped with gateways that perform conversions or transcoding between different coding and transmission formats (protocols), such as linking H.320 sites with H.323 sites.

The BCN MCUs provide on-network video sites a variety of flexible connection combinations, to internet sites, HPLL (High Priority Low Latency) users, and ISDN connections.

Send Request/Change forms via E-MAIL to

Questions?  Wondering who to call?

If this is a scheduling issue that includes an MCU, please contact:
MCU Scheduling Office (800) 243-9482 x5181 or x5182

If this is a scheduling issue that does NOT include an MCU, please contact:
Windstream (888) 955-2638 or Dan Van Abel (608) 282-7444

If you have a situation that needs immediate attention, you may call:
Dan Van Abel at AT&T (608) 282-7444


Guidelines / Procedures
Emergency Scheduling Procedures


Agency Video Scheduling Form (PDF) (Word)
Request Form (PDF) (Word)
Change Form (PDF) (Word)
SLN Test Video (Video)
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Support / Manuals
Renovo Manual
DL Navigator
Lecture Mode vs. Presentation Mode
MCU Layout Patterns
Quick Reference Screen Layouts
XGA User Manual
Trouble Numbers

Site Listing
Video Bridging Handbook
Waden - All Networks
Waden - Individual Sites
BCN - Site IDs
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BCN - Network

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